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In biology, Sexual Production is a process of combining and mixing genetic traits, often resulting in the specialization of organisms into a male or female variety, each known as a sex. Sexual reproduction involves combining specialized cells (gametes) to form offspring that inherit traits from both parents. Gametes can be identical in form and function (known as isogametes), but in many cases an asymmetry has evolved such that two sex-specific types of gametes (heterogametes) exist: male gametes are small, motile, and optimized to transport their genetic information over a distance, while female gametes are large, non-motile and contain the nutrients necessary for the early development of the young organism. In genetics, the Human Mutation rate is a measure of the rate at which various types of mutations occur during some unit of time. Mutation rates are typically given for a specific class of mutation, for instance point mutations, small or large scale insertions or deletions. The rate of substitutions can be further subdivided into a mutation spectrum which describes the influence of genetic context on the mutation rate.  There are several natural units of time for each of these rates, with rates being characterized either as mutations per base pair per cell division, per gene per generation, or per genome per generation. The mutation rate of an organisms is an evolved characteristic and is strongly influenced by the genetics of each organisms, in addition to strong influence from the environment. The upper and lower limits to which mutation rates can evolve is the subject of ongoing investigation.
The Dark Side of Porn
3 Discs
Untold Desires
Banned In America
3 Discs
All Shapes,
Sizes & Colors
Chopped Off &
The Perfect Penis
Vagina Massage
Born  Different
Synthetic Pleasures
False Life
How To Read Faces:
Samantha Joy
American Hollow
Plastic Surgery
She Got Azz
How to Seduce
a Woman
Strange Festivals
Weird T.V.
Body Without A Soul
Pedophilia Prostitution
Couple Tantra
Whole: Documentary
On Amputees
Pleasure & Pain
America Exposed
The Unexplained
Crying Demons
Guys & Dolls
Acting Out Your
Fantasy On Film
The History of Sex
2 Discs
Castration Cure
Chicken Hawk
Lost Children of
Rockdale County, Ga
Man Who
Ate His Lover
Soft Cock
Being Different
Joy Of Evil
Born Without
Banned American
Trouble With
My Vagina
Oil Fighting
Celebrity Sex Tape
R Kelly & More
Fat Girls &
Their Feeders
Ray J &
Kim Kardashian
Dawn Teen
I am Not A Freak
Hookers, Hustlers, Pimps & Johns
Monster Latin Booty
New Lick
Death of
A Porn Queen
The Pregnant Man
Black in White 31
In The Thick 5
Chocolate Mousse
Animal Passions
Black Anal
3 Twisted
Human Mutants
2 Discs
Sex, Health & Mind Control
Sister Akilah
What You Need to Know about the Porn Industry
Mitch & Nina
Booty Juice #5
Black Cock Down
Dirty South
Booty Shake
Does Dallas
The London
Nobody Knows
Sistaz that
Love Brothaz
Hood Hunter 2
Phat Bottom Girls 2
Horny Black Mothers
& Daughters 4
Sexual Techniques
Phatties, Rhymes
& Dimes
Made in
Xspana 2
Working Latinas
Big Bubble Butt
Latin Sluts #5
Mami Culo
Grande 3
Mami Culo
Grande 5
Spanish Harlem
Big Big Babes
Vol. 12
Babes in Toyland
Big Wet Round Bootys
& Ill Flows 2
Vanessa Del Rio
Obama is
Nailin Palin
Testosterone Boys
Flavor of Love
Who's Nailin
Lascivious Latinas
Office Freaks 3
Phatty Girl 6
Sex in The
Digital Age
Whats Wrong
with Perversion
Deep in Latin Cheeks
2 Discs
Jimi Hendrix
Sex Tape
Big Latin
Wet Butts #5
Freaks of Nature
Animal Lover
Summer Day
So You Think
You  Can Squirt
Bang My Latin Ass
Deep in
Latin Cheeks 3
Booty Juice #2
Hooked to Internet Sex
Black Street
Big Black
Wet Butt Orgy
The Science of
Sex Appeal
Homosexuality: Is It An Afrikan Thing
Damned Whores
& Evil Bitches
The Drag Queen
Secret World
of Erotic Art
The Life & Times of
Gangsta Brown
Pimping & Hoing
Heidi Fleiss
Hollywood Madam
The Sacred Prostitute
2 Discs
Bigger than Big
Pimpin Ron Newt
Divine Brown
Million Dollar Hooker
Chinese Love
Making Secrets
James McNeil
Pimps Up Hoes Down